Sunday, October 9, 2011


It's 6 16am now. I'm still awake thanks to caffeine, not as productive as I imagined but more productive than usual. Good thing I guess. So I've been up, writing my term paper proposal, which the term paper that consists of 3000-3500 words will be due right before exams and I think that the topic I'm writing about is pretty interesting, or at least interesting enough for me to want to write 3000 words on it which is "how romance novels influence women's perspective towards life" in other words, they tend to expect more from their relationships and stuff.

Speaking off topic, been feeling a lil messed up inside these past few days but I think that I'll be fine after awhile like I always have been. Sometimes I just wish I even knew how to expressed the exact emotion I'm feeling at that time. Oh well, human emotions are so complex and interesting. That's all I guess, just suddenly felt like updating my dead blog. Goodnight!

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