Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finepix X100 Brief Review

My first impression of it was..."wow, looks like a leica" , i like how the body has the old school kind of classy body. Only certain people would appreciate it, my dad said it's old fashioned and my mum said it looks antique -_-

The first thing i did was read the manual on how long i should charge the battery to maximize the battery performance (what you should do with every electronic you buy that has a battery) but i couldn't find anything, maybe i missed out something. i decided to google it then, it just says to charge it about 2-3 hours till the battery is full.

It took me a pretty long time to figure out how to take a proper picture, cause when i look a picture that was pretty close it came out prettyblur then i found out that i have to change the mode to Macro mode. but the most hassling thing about it is that you have to constantly change to Macro mode after every photo. (NOTE: This is not a camera for camwhoring)

I tried out Panoramic mode next, basically the same as on any camera with panoramic mode.

The manual focus is... really hopeless, you have to rely on auto focus. Although at times, the auto focus can be really slow in bad lighting.

Hybrid viewfinder is the coolest thing ever, i kept playing with it on first try. I was like... O_O

and i guess that's all, i'm too lazy to do a proper review :)

Updated: The latest firmware update fixed the Macro mode issue, you no longer have to switch to Macro after every shot! :D

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