Monday, December 21, 2009



I'm too lazy to write much, so I'm just gonna fill up with some pictures.

Balinese monkey. Only one of it's kind ;)

If you watch Family Outing, you'd know what is this :p

Had a band played for us during our dinner on the second night. They're damn good!

One of the many temples.

One of the most disgusting coffee you'll ever drink.
It's processed in some animals body then SHIT out. and washed then fried into.. coffee. luwak coffee
This is the Batur Volcano.

Huge ass coconuts for only. 7,000 rupiahs. You do the math.


Monkeys everywhere!

And that's the first THREE days there but not in order. Too lazy to rearrange. Blogger is so HARD to arrange pictures.
The rest are on facebook and. that's all for the ADVENTURES OF MAE LING!

har har. bye :)

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