Monday, August 31, 2009

Weird day

Geez, i can't remember when what the last time i blogged like this but oh what the heck :)

So i went to bed at 3AM, i lied on it till 7 something then only i fell asleep -_-
then woke up at 8 30. and went back to sleep. woke up at 1. and sleep.
i finally woke up at 4 -_- IT WAS SOOOOO TORTURING!

and i just checked Nuffnang. Apparently, someone GOOGLED my name -_-

these are some pics my bro took with my phone at kopitime before i went for the party on saturday

I was explaining something and so happen my bro took this pic which looked like i was picking my nose -_-

I think this is the clearest picture :)

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