Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Have you ever wondered where Apple got it's name, Macintosh from?
Or where DKNY got the idea of their Delicious fragrance?

Red Delicious is one of DKNY's fragrances from the Delicious series.

It is also a name of a species of apples.

What about Macintosh?
There's an apple species named Macintosh which originally was named McIntosh but the founder of the apple species, John McIntosh. Liked Mac. So he added an A.

This is the Macintosh apple.

This is an example of a Macintosh computer.
The 13.1' Macbook Aluminium Unibody which is no longer in production.

Conclusion, DKNY and Apple for their names from apples.

Wonder where i got this from?
During Malay Literature this morning, Affiq told me there was the word "Macintosh" in the short story entitled " Kerana Manisnys Epal"
It's in Anak Laut page 82.

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