Thursday, April 9, 2009

Milo Fuze is giving out voters incentives in the form of cash money and also year long supplies of Milo Fuze! If Milo is your favourite drink, this is the way to go!

There are more then RM70,000 worth of prizes waiting to be won!

The top 40 Finalists will be chosen for Voting! You, the Voters will then choose your favourite(s) from the Milo Fuze Gallery to be the Winners.

The Votersí Incentive Prize consists of 10 prizes. These 10 lucky winners will be able to win RM10o just simply by voting for their favourite picture! Thats easy I tell you.

Each winner will receive:
Cash - RM100
A MILOÆ hamper worth RM100

I personally love this picture. Her name is Ying Ying and she looks so sweet and innocent here in this pic. Ying Ying took alot of effort and time to plan for this contest. She loves taking pictures and she aspires to be a photographer one day! She is such a good friend. She buys her friends Milo Fuze every now and then,
After going through all the 40 pictures, her picture really stands out! At a single glance, we all can relate to those sleepy morning (s)/ moments at office or in college.

Click here to vote for her!

Nice leh her picture? She deserves to win!

My bet is on her.

While doing that, don't forget to register and submit your slogan. If your slogan gets chosen, you get to win milo goodies as well!

Wanna see some nice pics? Get to know Ying Ying better and register today!

Vote for Ying Ying !

Go Ying Ying! I love your picture!

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