Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My first best friend.

Though he was always busy, waking up real early in the morning to work and sometimes coming home at 9p.m but most of the time makes an effort to fetch me home from school in the evenings. He always made an initiative to bring me out for lunch or shopping on Saturdays :)
It's our bonding time together.
I was so young and so spoilt. Haha, yes. Spoilt. Still am but not as much.

No wonder now it feels the same now huh?
I actually really did felt happy.
I just realized that what I just lost is EXACTLY the same as what I had already lost. 
Back to square one but now, it hurts even more.

I miss him
That "him" is a man.
And that man is my daddy :)



Despite all the complications. I still love you daddy. I hope you know that :)

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